Stags Leap District, in California’s Napa Valley wine region, is home to some of the United States’ most famous and highly regarded wineries. The vineyards here are overwhelmingly dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon, which makes rich red wines combining ripe blackcurrant flavors, a certain freshness and elegance, and well-structured tannins.

Located immediately north of Napa town, Stags Leap is in a very particular spot on the valley’s eastern side. It occupies a narrow, strip of the valley floor sectioned off from the main valley by a range of small hills running roughly north to south. These form the district’s western edge and separate it from Yountville. The AVA (American Viticultural Area) is just three miles long and one mile wide, and covers 1100 hectares (2700 acres), making it one of America’s smallest. Determined not to waste any of this precious real estate, the 19 Stags Leap wineries have covered the valley floor with a dense patchwork of vineyards, broken only by access roads and winery buildings.

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