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Cantina Bartolo Mascarello, a legendary Barolo producer since 1918, traces its roots to 19th-century grape cultivation. Bartolomeo Mascarello established the ‘Barolo Co-operative Winery’ around the turn of the century. After its closure, Giulio Mascarello, returning from WWI, launched his own label. Passing the winery to Bartolo in the 1960s, it gained prominence. Maria Teresa now carries the torch. Known for staunch traditionalism, they resist trends like single-cru wines and barrique aging, symbolized by Bartolo’s infamous “No Barrique, No Berlusconi” label. The winery remains small-scale, with wines crafted from hand-tended vineyards. Maria Teresa continues the legacy, producing spectacular Nebbiolo wines with finesse and balance, staying true to tradition.

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