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Originally known as “Fazilleau,” the estate transformed into the renowned “Chateau L’Evangile” in the mid-18th century. Its 35-acre vineyard, situated on clay-based gravel, boasts a unique terroir celebrated since ancient times. Blason de L’Evangile, its second label, mirrors the Grand Vin but with shorter barrel aging, ideal for earlier consumption. Founded by the Léglise family, the property took its present shape under Isambert in the 19th century. Paul Chaperon enhanced its stature, and by 1868, L’Évangile was listed as a “Premier Cru du Haut-Pomerol.” After a period of decline, Louis Ducasse revived the estate until its acquisition by Domaines Barons de Rothschild (Lafite) in 1990. Under their stewardship, L’Évangile saw refined winemaking practices, vineyard restoration, and cellar modernization, ensuring its legacy for future generations.

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