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With its 7.52 hectares, the Clos de Tart is the largest of the five Grands Crus Monopoles in Burgundy, the entirety of which has been in sole ownership throughout its history. Throughout the past nine centuries, the estate has only changed hands four times: from 1141 to the French Revolution Clos de Tart belonged to the Cistercian nunnery of Tart Abbey. It was then sold in 1791 to the Marey-Monge family who retained ownership until 1932 when the estate was bought at auction by the Mommessin family. Most recently, the Pinault family, via their holding company Artémis Domaines, purchased the Clos de Tart in 2018. Since 2015 the estate has been practicing organic viticulture and the 2018 vintage is the first certified organic vintage. 2016 also saw the introduction of biodynamic practices with certification following in 2019. The team ensures all efforts are made on a daily basis to showcase this jewel of vineyard, taking care to work with patience and respect year upon year. Keen to retain the uniqueness of its plant material and safeguard its genetic information for future generations, the estate replants using grafted vines from mass selections of their best-performing plants. Today they have a stock of 72 different vines in their own nursery in Morey-St-Denis.

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