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These old vines thrive in soils of Oligocene marls covered by clay and red silt with chert beds by deposits from ancient alluvial cones made of gravel and silt, as well as alluvial river sediments from the valley of Meuzin, the river that divides the Nuits vineyards into two zones in the north and south.

The domaine was founded in the 1950s with holdings of six acres in Nuits-Saint-Georges, Chambolle-Musignyand Morey-Saint-Denis. The House of Lécheneaut is implanted in Nuits-Saint-Georges where it holds a prestigious position in the heart of the Burgundy terroir. It flourishes on ten hectares of vineyards scattered among eighteen glorious appellations from Côte de Nuits, which bestows its rich intensity and uniqueness. Fifty to sixty thousand bottles of renowned nectar are released each year from its winery, sent off to conquer the international markets. Today, Vincent and Philippe Lécheneaut wish to enlarge once again the map of their appellations in order to satisfy the demands of their national and international clients. They are in a continuous pursuit of qualitative progression, staying abreast of the most efficient equipment, all while preserving the traditional and family character of their domain.

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