Les Tillets comes from the name of a medieval tree used for making lime-blossom herbal teas and is now home to one of the best climats for village wines in Meursault. The vineyard is located above Meursault on the upper slope close to the mountain on 1.2 hectares. Marly white limestone soils provide a mineral backbone and east-south facing vines take advantage of morning and afternoon sun. Folklore: Legend says that a medicinal tincture was made using the fragrant flower blossoms of the tillet mixed with wine spirits and dropped into water. It was also used to give cognac fragrance.

The origin of the Domaine dates back to the 15th Century in Beaune, the epicenter of the Burgundy wine region. The headquarters of the estate are located in the Bastion Notre Dame, a fortification which was built in 1642 on the battlements surrounding the city of Beaune. The Labet family, who has been deeply rooted in Beaune for 500 years, owns 25 Acres of vineyards from Meursault to Gevrey-Chamberin; the main holdings of the Domaine being Beaune Appellations near Chorey-Les-Beaune and Savigny-Les-Beaune.

Francois Labet has been at the helm since 1984 and the vineyards are organically farmed. There are no clones as only Massale selection is used, mainly from the Beaune Coucherias vines.The entire vinifiction and barrel ageing takes place at Chateau de La Tour, with the same care and team producing their famed Clos Vougeot wines. A whole bunch philosophy has been used since 1987 and the wines are aged using custom made barrels from fine-grained oak with a very light toast. This unique method contributes to steer the greatness of the wines produced for each vintage of Domaine Pierre Labet.

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