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The history of J.Denuzière began in 1876 at the heart of a region with a 2000-year wine heritage. The story continues to be written today. At that time, Joanny Paret, founder of the winery based in Condrieu had the objective to develop the reputation of the local wines in the Rhône cafés and bistros by distributing them with his team of horses. After doing so for 40 years, his son, Joseph Paret took over and successfully grew the family business over the following decades thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit. Paret Wines then became Denuzière Wines when Pierre Denuzière, Joseph Paret’s son-in-law, succeeded his father-in-law in the 1940s. For 80 years, the name “Denuzière” has been part of the wine-growing landscape in the Rhône Valley. Today, the J.Denuzière micro-cuvées are shaped by this Condrieu heritage which has been strengthened through the vintages.

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