The Korta Katarina (KK) Southern Croatian winery and its villa “Rivijera Orebić” (or-ub-itch) are a wine lovers dream. The first venue of its kind in Southern Croatia, the winery, villa, and vineyards are perched on the edge of the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea and provide breathtaking views of Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast. The estate is located in the small coastal town of Orebić (or-ub-itch), a region renowned for its culture, seaports and winemaking traditions that date back to the Roman Empire. For centuries, ‘kortas’ were the center of family gatherings for sea captains and sailors embarking on worldly adventures. The KORTA KATARINA winery name represents the kortas/gardens of Croatia and the family name Katarina/Katharine of KK founders and owners Lee and Penny Anderson.

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