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Lingua Franca is the culmination of Larry Stone’s life-long quest to find a great vineyard site and make wine. He has joined forces with talented winemaker Thomas Savre and consulting winemaker, Burgundy icon, Dominique Lafon to produce nuanced and flavorful wines from the exceptionally located LSV estate vineyards and other outstanding vineyard sites in the Willamette Valley. LSV (Larry Stone/Lone Star Road Vineyard) has the stony, volcanic soils, steep slopes, cooling, gentle breezes and soft early morning sun that make for the excellent fruit and mineral expression in our wines. We coddle the vines with Biodynamic preparations and meticulous attention to vine health, shoot positioning, gentle pruning protocols and moderate yields. Our intention is to leave the soils abundant and healthy with an entire universe of micro-organisms, fungi, birds, plants and native insects that will provide the best environment for the vines as well as bestowing us with natural beauty.

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