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The Pighins’ transformation of the estate began in 1964, when a reconstruction restored the property to vineyards (70 percent) and apple and pear orchards (30 percent). New administrative offices and cellars in Risano were completed in 1967. With considerable subsequent investment, this winery and cellars have remained among the most technologically advanced in Friuli. In 1968, a further 75 acres of vineyards were acquired at Spessa di Capriva, in the tiny, prestigious DOC Collio zone, expanding the company’s portfolio to encompass a full range of fine, classic wines from the two finest viticultural growing areas in Friuli. In 2004 management of the family business came entirely under the control of Fernando Pighin and his wife Danila, son Roberto and daughter Raffaella. Today, 90% of the property is vineyards and 10% remains orchards.

To meet their own quality standards in their wines, Pighin voluntarily restricts its vineyard yield to 75% to 80% of that permitted under DOC law, to enhance varietal character, concentration and quality of the fruit. Only under circumstances of the most unusual shortage are any grapes purchased from other producers, although legally in a given vintage up to 25% of an estate-bottled wine may be produced from grapes from other than the proprietor’s own vineyards. Adherence to estate bottling in this narrowest sense of the term affords the highest possible degree of control over the quality and consistency of the finished wine.

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