A new project from Fredrik Johansson and Shannon Staglin. Grenache from Sonoma Valley and Pinot Noir from Petaluma Gap. After years of passionate interest and collecting, Fredrik dove headfirst into wine production in 2003, leaving his career in investment management law and equity analysis to join the harvest team at Outpost Wines. In 2007 he became the winemaker at Staglin Family Vineyard where he first crossed paths with Shannon. When Shannon was 6 her parents purchased a vineyard and built their home in Napa, starting her journey in wine at a very young age. Fredrik and Shannon quickly established a great professional relationship but more importantly a great friendship. In fact, Shannon played match maker, setting up Fredrik with his now wife Carissa Mondavi (in 2014). In 2013 Fredrik began a personal project to create Grenache focused wines and in 2017 Shannon started a new venture focused on Pinot Noir. Shortly thereafter, with the blessing of their families, they decided to join their complimentary talents and experience to create RESA wines. This project celebrates their passion for beautiful, expressive, and nuanced red wines.

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