The new Spring Mountain Vineyard was formed from three original properties: Spring Mountain Vineyards (Miravalle, 257 acres), Chateau Chevalier (Chevalier, 120 acres), and Draper Vineyards (La Perla, 435 acres).

La Perla, the uppermost property, was established in 1873 by Charles Lemme and expanded by the Schilling Spice family. It originally spanned 285 acres and was the site of the first Cabernet Sauvignon planting on Spring Mountain. The historic winery and original equipment still stand. Below La Perla, Fredrick and Jacob Beringer planted their first vineyard in 1882, supporting their fledgling winery.

To the north of the Beringer vineyard was Fortune Chevalier’s Chateau Chevalier, producing wine since 1891. Adjacent to Chevalier was Tiburcio Parrott, who cultivated olives, citrus, and grapes and built a grand home named Miravalle on the estate.

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