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Beginning with the cleanest organic and sustainably farmed grapes coupled with the best winemakers in the world, wielding the best equipment available, Westwood wines are meant to elevate the important moments in your life. Expressive, elegant and textured, the wines are unmistakably California, but are crafted for those who appreciate an elevated experience. Reflecting two decades of work and planning, Westwood’s voice is decidedly unique – as unique as their 33 acres in Annadal Gap, Sonoma.

Westwood is a truly unique site, located in the northern end of the Sonoma Valley. The climate is on the cooler side, with the vines covered in fog of the morning, bathed in sun early afternoon, then cooled by the westerly winds off the Pacific Ocean during the afternoon. Endowed with a diverse soil composition, Westwood is able to grow a wide variety of Pinot, Syrah and Grenache clones and other rare varietals not often seen in this region. In 2014 the Estate became biodynamically certified, to preserve the health and longevity of this special site for generations ahead.

Westwood formally teamed up with Philippe Melka and Maayan Koschitzky of Atelier Melka in 2017, world-renowned winemakers and producers of many “100-point” wines. Philippe Melka was born, educated and trained in Bordeaux and was named by the Wine Advocate as “one of the Top 10 Winemakers in the World”. On seeing our Annadel Gap vineyard, Philippe exclaimed, “Westwood has already been gaining great acclaim and attention for award-winning wines from this unique and unexpected gem of a vineyard. Looking ahead, we’re excited to unlock the soul of this special site and take the wines even higher”.

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